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Chilterns Neuro Centre

The Chilterns Neuro Centre have recently rebranded and now help people with a variety of neurological conditions including Parkinson's, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis. They say: "The Chilterns Neuro Centre are lucky to have the support of iLECSYS. Our members - local people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) - have benefited hugely from the partnership thanks to the breadth of support they've given. 

Nathan has been a member since 2017; "The Centre has made such a positive impact in my day-to-day life by helping me learn how to walk again. There is also the social aspect, where I've met others with MS and we share knowledge and ideas together." We're proud to offer holistic services with support for physical and psychological symptoms, plus social opportunities and a community to be part of.

This past year has been a challenge for our members and their loved ones, but thanks to iLECSYS, all our beneficiaries have been supported throughout the pandemic. Thanks to their ongoing support, we will continue to be there for everyone who needs us."

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Tiggywinkles was founded in 1978, in the back garden of Les and Sue Stocker and their son Colin. After finding an injured kestrel they realised there was nowhere for the general public to take sick or injured wild animals and the Stockers began to help these poorly animals and rehabilitate wildlife with the help of a local vet. 

Tiggywinkles is now the busiest wildlife hospital in the world, caring for sick, injured and orphaned animals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, alongside a dedicated visitor centre providing education and insight to members of the public. All kinds of British wildlife get treated at Tiggywinkles, ranging from tiny field mice up to huge roe deer and everything in between.

The care provided by the Tiggywinkles is made possible through tireless voluntary work and generous donations from animal lovers. You can read our full article about Tiggywinkles here.

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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

iLECSYS have been working with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for several years. They say:

"The kind monthly donations from iLECSYS enables Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to continue supporting our severely and profoundly deaf recipients. The ongoing support that we are therefore able to provide, helps our recipients to leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life.

We now support over 980 hearing partnerships throughout the UK and the past year has highlighted new challenges for deaf people to overcome; trying to understand people that are talking to them from a distance, struggling to stay connected with loved ones via technology (not all of which are deaf friendly) and being unable to lip read with people wearing face masks.

Thanks to the generosity of organisations such as iLECSYS, our team have been able to adapt and respond to all the challenges and ensure that our recipients are all safe and well."

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Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund

iLECSYS supports the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, a British charity dedicated to improving the welfare standards for rabbits.

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund is an organisation who in their own words are “massively passionate about the welfare of domestic rabbits.” They aim to ensure all rabbits in the UK are living a great life, with a companion and access to adequate veterinary care.

The RWA&F are a not-for-profit registered charity and organisation under the group name Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund. The charity educates professionals and campaigns for better rabbit welfare while the organisation donates any surplus funds to welfare work and administration costs.

Rabbits are one of the most neglected pets in the UK, with many rabbits living in substandard accommodation. Rabbits need access to adequate indoor and outdoor space in addition to supervised free roaming. Sadly, most rabbits are left in a tiny hutch at the bottom of the garden and forgotten about except for feeding time.

Rabbits are now experiencing a welfare crisis, as their numbers surged during lockdown, when new rabbit owners were unable to get advice or education, or sometimes even routine medical care such as vaccinations and neutering, for their new pet rabbits as many veterinary practices were closed for everything except emergencies. At the same time, the demand for rabbits surged as people were at home and wanted a new pet. You can read our full article about the Rabbit Welfare Association and Trust here.

iLECSYS is overjoyed to be supporting the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund in their work.

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Jasmine's Legacy of Dreams

Jasmine’s Legacy of Dreams is a charity from Sutton Bonington, founded by a couple who lost their daughter to leukaemia in January 2021. Debbie and Andrew Moseley set up the charity in memory of their daughter Jasmine, to help young cancer sufferers “to achieve their dreams.”

Jasmine was just 19 when she died after a long fight against leukaemia. Scores of people lined the roads to say goodbye to the teenager as a horse-drawn carriage made its way through Sutton Bonington.

Jasmine was passionate about horses and especially loved working at the Horse and Carriage Company, who helped organise her funeral cortege. Horses have featured heavily in Jasmine’s Legacy of Dreams’ fundraising efforts, including an open horse show in August 2021.

“The charity’s purpose is to deliver physical and practical relief to teenagers and young adults with cancer who are being treated within the East Midlands region. The focus is to help those affected achieve their own ambitions and dreams, as well as providing practical support at a time when those affected are mostly scared, vulnerable and with their lives placed on hold.”

iLECSYS is proud to be supporting Jasmine’s Legacy of Dreams.