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Meet the Team

James Allen - Managing Director

I started working for iLECSYS in the warehouse back in 2001. As a small team we had to muck in and adapt to what the business required as we grew. I started to answer the phones, dealing with customers and suppliers, creating really important relationships on both sides. I then started going to meet customers face to face, selling not just products iLECSYS had to offer, but services like machining, fabrication and consignment stock.

I've played an important part in the growth of iLECSYS over the years, being part of three acquisitions and temporarily relocating to help set these up when required. I've also played a key part in moving our business into new premises as we've grown, which has happened a few times now. More recently I was involved in having our own head office built from the ground up, then moving into it with minimal down time to our business! 

During lockdown I was proud to accept the title of Managing Director of iLECSYS.

We are a team of people who care and are proud of what we do and we will continue to grow the business in the best way we know.


James Allen Managing Director iLECSYS













Mark Davison - Operations Director

I have worked for iLECSYS since 2000 and across a number of different sectors (including engineering) until I took over as operations director. I oversee our busy team of production staff and ensure that the warehouse runs smoothly as well as assisting with HR and Health and Safety.





Mark Davison Operations Director


Gemma Butterfield - Manufacturing Manager

I am part of the production team and oversee the production admin and design resource. I also work with the Operations Director to oversee our machine shop, safe area and rail production. I enjoy working at iLECSYS, our product ranges and skill sets are very diverse, and no days are the same! I work with a great range of people and there is always something new and exciting going on at iLECSYS.







Leon McGrath - Branch Manager Chessington

I started working as a humble delivery driver for MGB Electrical in December 2000 then after a year or so I was invited to join the sales office and in 2003 I was asked to take up the reigns of the branch manager! Every day is different at iLECSYS from staff training through to ensuring orders are ready for dispatch.





Leon McGrath - Branch Manager Chessington


Chris Horne - Branch Manager Warrington

I have been working for iLECSYS for nearly 10 years and I was attracted to the role because it is a family-owned business with high ambitions. Grace and Peter gave me the opportunity to work as a sales representative initially and then after about 3 years, I moved into an internal sales role, then a few years later I was promoted to branch manager. We moved from Stockport to Warrington in 2020 and this is an incredibly important part of the iLECSYS jigsaw and I have been proud to watch the branch develop and grow.

Chris Horne Branch Manager iLECSYS Warrington