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MULTI-BOX MBA Enclosures Now Available to order from iLECSYS!

There's a new addition to our range of aluminium enclosures! MULTI-BOX MBA enclosures are now available to order from iLECSYS. Manufactured using pressure die casting or gravity die casting methods, these aluminium enclosures offer exceptional strength, durability, and a universal design that simplifies installation for various electrical and electronic components.


MBA Enclosures go beyond just functionality. Their adaptable design allows for mechanical customisation to seamlessly integrate into any environment. Whether you need a low-profile enclosure for discreet placement or a brightly coloured one for easy identification, MBA Enclosures have you covered.

The modular design of MBA Enclosures makes them perfect as terminal enclosures. You can incorporate various clamps and cable glands to create a solution specific to your project needs. In the measurement and control industry, these enclosures are frequently used to house sensors, providing reliable protection and easy access for monitoring. Their modularity also allows them to house other control equipment such as PLCs and timers.

Beyond specific applications, MBA Enclosures serve as versatile junction boxes and excel at protecting sensitive electronics from harsh environments. Their IP66 ingress protection rating ensures complete dust tightness and resistance against powerful water jets from any direction. The aluminium construction provides excellent impact resistance, making them ideal for demanding industrial settings.

MULTI-BOX MBA Enclosures offer a comprehensive solution for your electrical project needs. They provide a secure and dependable housing option, ensuring the longevity and optimal functionality of your critical components. The enclosures come painted in RAL7001 as standard, and a full range of accessories is available to further customise your enclosure for specific applications.

See the range of MULTI-BOX MBA enclosures here.