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Product Spotlight: Wieland's Safety Automation

Wieland have launched a new and improved range of safety products including the samos® PRO Safety Controller, Safety Relays, Solenoid Released Door Interlocks, Door Interlocks, Non-Contact Safety Switches, E-Stops and Light Curtains.


Wieland samos PRO Safety Controllers


samos® PRO Safety Controllers

The samos® PRO Safety Controller main module has a 45mm wide housing, 16 safe inputs, 4 safe outputs and 4 configurable safe inputs/outputs. It comes complete with PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP industrial protocol integrated into the base unit. External gateways are available for CANopen, PROFIBUS and EtherCAT. Allowing up to 3 Gateways per system. The system can be expanded to have up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs. It is available with either screw-in or push-in terminals. Variations of the main module have motion and analogue control built in.

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Wieland Safety Relay


Safety Relays

Wieland has an extensive range of safety relays suitable for applications ranging from E-stop, door Interlock and light curtain monitoring. There is also a range of more unique relays designed for two-hand control, standstill and ON/OFF Delay applications. The range comes with varying contact arrangements, voltages and features.

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Wieland SIM M Safety Switches


sensor PRO Solenoid Released Door Interlocks

The Wieland range of solenoid released door interlocks are designed to prevent uncontrolled opening of a safety guard before the machine comes to a safe standstill. The rotatable metal head of the safety switch and the different actuators ensure a high degree of flexibility when mounting it onto the machine. Variants with M12 connection plugs also enable simple and quick installation.

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Wieland SMS Safety Switch with Actuator


sensor PRO Door Interlocks

Wielands range of safety switches are designed for applications requiring a compact and robust design. Thanks to various housing designs and different actuators they are suitable for the reliable protection of any protective guard, door or cover.

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Wieland STS RFID Safety Switches


Non-contact Safety Switches

The STS RFID safety switches are used for monitoring the position of machine parts, moveable guards, doors, covers etc. They have an ingress protection rating of IP67 & IP69K and come in three variations; coded, fully coded and uniquely coded with each variation being available with either a 3m, 5m or 10m lead, or an M8 connector.

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Wieland SMA Magnetic Safety Switches


The SMA MAGNETIC safety switches can also be used for monitoring the position of machine parts, moveable guards, doors, covers etc. however where the safety function is less critical. They have an ingress protection rating of IP67 and come in either a small rectangle or circular housing with either a 3m, 5m, 10m or 20m lead, or an M8 connector. Some of the range have LED switching indicators.

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Wieland sensor PRO SNH Emergency Stops


sensor PRO Emergency Stops

The Wieland range of emergency stops are available as ready-to-use or configurable devices where the customer can choose the exact contact arrangement they require. This gives the customer the flexibility to meet any application request. Wieland’s emergency stop switches are suitable for applications upto IP69k and have self-monitoring contact blocks to guarantee best functional safety. In addition variants with M12 connection allow easy and quick installation on-site. One of the newest products in the range is a mini E-Stop designed for applications where space is at a premium. 

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Wieland Safety Curtain Lights


Safety Light Curtains

Wieland's safety light curtains are suitable for applications where frequent access is required to load/unload a machine and where physical guarding isn’t feasible. The range comes in varying lengths from 300-2100mm high and are suitable for finger, hand and fully body applications. The range includes a unique built in LED array to help the user align the curtains and identify any setup errors without the need for any additional equipment

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