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Product Spotlight: Signal Light Towers from Eaton

Eaton’s signal towers, also referred to as stack light or indicator towers, are signalling devices commonly used in industrial environments to communicate status updates, alerts, and notifications. Eaton offer signal tower products in three different sizes, giving you the option to choose the correct device for your application. 

  • SL4 - Light module diameter - 43mm. Base height - 100, 250, 400mm.
  • SL7 - Light module diameter - 73mm. Base height - 100, 250, 400mm.
  • SLC - Light module diameter - 61mm. Base height - 100mm.

SL4/SL7 Signal Towers

SL4 SL7 Signal Tower

The modular SL4 and SL7 signal light towers can be customised with different coloured LED lights and optional acoustic modules. With six colour light modules available - red, yellow, green, blue, clear, and amber - that can be stacked in a sequence of up to five, they enable clear indication of statuses such as readiness, activity, errors, emergencies, or maintenance. The SL4 and SL7 also offer lighting variants, including continuous illumination, flashing, strobe, and variable strobe lights.

The SL4 and SL7 ranges can be used with an optional acoustic module offering up to eight pulse tones and adjustable volume levels, ensuring optimal adaption to varying ambient conditions. With sound pressure adjustable to 80 and 100dB respectively, the signal towers enhance auditory signalling efficiency. Supporting all current AS-I versions and SmartWire-DT connections, the SL4 and SL7 facilitate easy integration into existing systems. The IP66 rating, UV-protected plastic material, and high-performance LEDs ensure durability and reliability in challenging industrial environments.

SLC Stack Light Compact

Eaton SLC Stack Light Compact

In contrast, the new SLC Stack Light Compact prioritises simplicity and intuitive operation with its red blinking light and three continuous colours - red, yellow, and green - universally recognised as stop, caution and go signals. The SLC is available with an optional integrated 70dB acoustic module with pulse tone. With a width of 61mm, the SLC comes in three base module variants – standard 100mm base, wall-mounting, and hole mounting. The standard base and wall-mounting are fitted with push-in terminals, while the hole mounting uses the standard 22mm hole with M12 plug for fast installation.

The SL4, SL7 and SLC signal towers are engineered for easy installation and configuration, enabling seamless integration into various industrial applications. Their versatility, reliability and intuitive operation makes them essential components for signalling in industrial environments. 

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