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Product Spotlight: Schneider Thalassa PLM Enclosures

Product Spotlight: Schneider Thalassa PLM GRP Enclosures

You’re looking for: An enclosure that stands up to all weathers. An enclosure that protects your equipment 24/7.

We’ve got it.

Thalassa PLM is a range of GRP enclosures with excellent heritage. From renowned enclosure manufacturer Schneider Electric, this is more than an enclosure. This is the guardian of your most important assets – your equipment inside.


The material

GRP is short for glass-reinforced polyester. This is a type of thermoplastic which is then fortified with pieces of glass offering the strength and power you need to stand up to everything your industry can throw at it.

Thunder and lightning? Not a problem. GRP is non-conductive.

Rail applications? Naturally. These enclosures lend themselves perfectly to rail uses.

Want to install this in the Gobi Desert during a sandstorm? It would probably work.

Take a look at our article on enclosure materials if you want to know all about the features of all your enclosure material options.


The enclosure options

These enclosures are available in a range of 8 sizes that will almost certainly suit your requirement. Manufactured from GRP as standard (except the NSYPLM32 which is made from ABS/PC). The sizes range from 310H x 215W x 160mmD to 1056H x 852W x 350mmD. All versions are manufactured in the industry standard light grey colour RAL7035.

Thalassa PLM GRP enclosures are available to purchase with or without internal backplates.

There is also the option to purchase the enclosures with a glazed door. These enable you to see inside the enclosure without compromising on ingress protection. The glazed door models feature a single pane of tempered glass. Over time, glass performs better than transparent plastic windows which can lose transparency. 

For extra security, there is an option to purchase the NSYPLM43-86 enclosures with a 3-point closing system. The NSYPLM108 comes with a 4-point closing system as standard.

All variations are compatible with all the same accessories such as mounting options, internal options and key locks. Further details are outlined below. 


Total protection

In hard stats, the range has an impact protection rating of IK10. The IK scale runs out of numbers after that. If you opt for the glazed door version, this features a still-impressive IK08.

The IP rating is also outstanding. IP66 across all sizes offers a great level of protection for most common applications of electrical enclosures. The first digit indiactes the enclosure is dust-tight and the second digit indicates the enclosure is protected against large quantities of water from heavy seas or powerful jets, with limited ingress permitted.



Thalassa PLM has one of the widest range of enclosure accessories on the market. First let’s look at the mounting options. You can mount your Thalassa PLM enclosure to a wall, a post or to the floor using a plinth or pillar using the associated accessories. They are sold separately to the enclosure to reduce waste and ensure you get the exact mounting solution you need.

Internal mounting plates can be bought in either metallic or insulating options. Metallic options include various options all manufactured from galvanised steel, including plain, silkscreened, mircoperforated & telequick. These are perfect for general use as they are rugged and easy to work with. Insulated options are available in bakelite or polyester. Bakelite mounting plates are approved for Network Rail as they are not conductive. They are made of a very hardwearing plastic which is not prone to UV damage. Step slides are also available that allow depth adjustment with a 12.5mm pitch.

To mount your Thalassa PLM to a pole, you can use the post fixing kit, these are available for the NSYPLM43-86 enclosure sizes. These attach to two metal rails at the top and bottom of the enclosure and work like cable ties, getting tighter until they hold the enclosure in place. 

Internal doors are available for enclosure sizes NSYPLM3025-108, adding another range of possibilities for the Thalassa PLM. Doors are manufactured from GRP, other than the NSYPLM3025 which is in mild steel. These opaque internal doors are fantastic for mounting components such as indicators, pushbuttons & HMI’s so that they are only accessable to people when the outer door is open. 

Various type of locking options are also available, as standard the range comes with a double bar insert. These can be easily upgraded to squares, triangles or yale type keys. With some slight modification a padlock device can be fitted.


Custom modifications

We can deliver these boxes straight off the shelf. If you want something special, contact iLECSYS to talk about what we can make. Milling, drilling, tapping, bevelling and more can be done with fast turnaround times even at higher volumes.


Take a look at the range