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Product Spotlight: Ensto Cubo and Clampo Pro

With only a handful of distributors in the UK, this is why we should be your go-to for Ensto products:

  • Fantastic range of products: We stock over five hundred different Ensto products, including Cubo enclosures and accessories, inspection windows, Clampo Pro terminals and compact terminal blocks, isolators, and more!

  • The best prices are online: We offer very keen online pricing making us the go-to choice for savvy customers.

  • No minimum order quantity: All our products are available to order in single units, saving you the hassle of storing loads of products for future use or raising large purchase orders when you only want one of something!

This product spotlight is going to give you an in-depth overview of Ensto’s two flagship product ranges: Cubo enclosures and Clampo Pro terminals.

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Ensto Cubo

Introducing the Ensto Cubo range of enclosures; a versatile range of products designed for small to medium electrical control panels. They have applications in rail, defence, water management, waste management and more.

They all have an ingress protection of IP66/67 and come in standard grey colour RAL7035. As well as that, one of the best things about Ensto Cubo enclosures is how many different options are available. 

  • Cubo D are a range of thermoplastic enclosures. These are dimensioned according to European Norm sizes. Available in either polycarbonate or ABS versions, they feature your choice of opaque or clear screw-down lid. They include stainless steel captive cover screws and have plain sides. They are designed for OEM use, with special features such as fastening pods inside the cover and slots for printed circuit boards in the base.


  • Cubo S enclosures are small to medium size general purpose enclosures. These are available in either ABS or polycarbonate material, with your choice of opaque or clear screw-down lid, depending on whether you want to see inside without opening the box. These have numerous high-lid options to accommodate larger installations. These are available with plain sides, or with Pg or metric pre-pressed knockouts.

  • Cubo O enclosures are a medium to large range of enclosures, available in either polycarbonate or ABS versions. They feature your choice of opaque or clear screw-down lid. This range features plain walls. These enclosures are ideal for custom engineering work such as milling and drilling. All dimensions follow 100mm modules; the smallest 200 x 200mm and largest 400 x 600mm, depth 130 or 185mm. All sizes have a 55mm extension frame that can be added to, creating any height required without the IP rating deteriorating. A special feature is the adjustable corner elevators which allow the internal mounting plate or front panel to be set at any height.

  • Cubo C has the same features as the Cubo O, but the bases feature flange knockouts according to SFS standards for flanges. These enclosures are made of polycarbonate and can have up to 6 flange knockouts. These can be easily assembled into larger units.  


  • Cubo W also have the same features as the Cubo O, but these polycarbonate enclosures come pre-assembled with hinges and quick release latches. For added security, the latches can be easily locked with a padlock. 


With an Ensto Cubo enclosure, you don’t need to settle for an off-the-shelf product. At iLECSYS, we offer custom engineering on these products, such as milling, drilling and threading. We can handle high-volume modifications and have a fast turnaround time. If you don’t have a drawing for us to work from, we can produce this, too, using our integrated CAD/CAM system. Contact us if you would like to know more or get a quote on these services.

ABS vs Polycarbonate

The two materials used to make Ensto Cubo enclosures are ABS and polycarbonate. Both are types of thermoplastics but they have properties that make each of them slightly better suited for different uses. 

Polycarbonates can be produced in opaque or transparent versions, meaning they are used to make clear lids. They are also lightweight, making them an ideal material for wall-mounted enclosures. They are UV stable, meaning polycarbonate enclosures are well-suited to outdoor use.

ABS is a relatively hard plastic, with a shiny surface and excellent chemical and water resistance. ABS is not as susceptible to stress fractures as other types of plastic. However, the downside of ABS is its low UV resistance, meaning it is better suited to indoor applications.


Buy Ensto Clampo Pro Terminal from iLECSYS

Ensto Clampo Pro

An exceptionally cost-effective range of high-quality universal terminals, Clampo Pro terminals are manufactured in your choice of grey, blue or green/yellow. The range includes terminals with single feed-through, and distribution blocks with double or triple feed-through.

Other terminals have quite limited cable sizes, but the Ensto Clampo Pros are different. This line of products can accept cables between 2.5mm to 240mm, and within that, each terminal has a wide clamping range of cable sizes. 

With an operation temperature of -5 to 80 degrees Celsius, these are suitable for a variety of applications across multiple industries.

These versatile terminals can accept copper or aluminium conductors with a nominal current of up to 425A for copper and up to 380A for aluminium. The insulation has a nominal voltage of up to 800V and an inflammability class of V2. 

When it comes to mounting, the Clampo Pro terminals can be mounted on TS35 DIN rails (35mm) or the larger ones can be base mounted.


The Ensto Cubo and Clampo Pro ranges represent stunning value and fantastic performance. As one of Ensto’s approved UK stockists, we can offer great value and very reasonable turnaround times on your order.

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